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Austin - Black w/ Silver Lip

Barnwood - Black

Contemporary - Black

Curacao - Black & Silver Accents

Sonoma - Rustic Black & Silver


Why Island Frames?

March 25, 2016

There are lots of picture frame options out there - from cheap novelty frames to high-end, hand carved museum frames. All of these have their own specific purpose and audience type. Cheap picture frames, though low quality, are an affordable option for use as table toppers and take-aways at an event or wedding. Better quality, custom wood frames are more expensive but with that expense comes durability and longevity - these frames are typically used in homes, offices, hotels, etc. Where does Island Frames fit into the picture frame spectrum? We are certainly not in the category of cheap quality, discount, or disposable and we're not quite in the hand carved, high-end category either. Our picture frames are the same great quality as any...

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Island Frames is now live!

September 29, 2015

Welcome to Island Frames! Yes, we sell picture frames. Yes, they are top quality. Yes, they are a great price. But the real reason we stand out is because our goal is to keep it simple. Most picture frame websites require many steps or require costly add-ons to get a complete, ready to hang, picture frame. At Island Frames, each of our picture frames are available in all of the standard sizes and include acrylic, matboard, MDF backing and hanging hardware all in one complete, pre-assembled package. To attach your artwork, simply open the back, affix your art to the MDF backing, close and hang. Our easy-open-back frames are the complete package for anyone looking to hang their own artwork, photography, certificates...

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